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Solar Energy Generation

In very simple terms, the solar radiation falling on a suitable surface generates either electrical energy or the heat is harvested and transferred into use e.g. for domestic hot water or space heating.
One can also combine these two outputs for suitable systems matching requirements and needs. Orientation is a key factor when trying to either maximise generation or dealing with over-shading.

Wind Energy

Were you aware that along with other factors, Solar also drives the Wind patterns?
Wind energy generation systems capture the force in the air blowing across a wind turbine.
The turbine blades are so designed to rotate a generator in the most efficient manner. The generator induces electrical energy which is then exported on site or to grid at the respective voltages.

Energy Storage

As micro-generation is becoming more common, the role of storage is also growing. Storage technologies help in providing a better match of technologies with end user energy profiles.
The technologies can range from simple batteries & inverters for off-grid lighting to even heat/thermal seasonal storage solutions.


Micro & Pico Hydro systems can provide energy generation by harvesting the force of flowing water. A variety of turbine types are available for matching the flow and requirements, from the bulky Archimedean to fully submerged in-flow river systems.
Careful and considerate planning mitigates environmental concerns, facilitates successful installations and prolongs the longevity of the installed system.

We always consider the vast array of options to analyse your optimum technology